Rabu, 08 Februari 2017

Trembling Before Boarding

How wouldn't I be trembling at that very moment? My train was leaving at 2 pm sharp whereas I was five minutes away to the departure time. A shudder run through me as my family and I were transiting in Jatinegara station.

It would have been a nightmare if we had missed the train again. Again? Yes, we missed our train back in 2014 ahead of Ied Fitri celebration. Four seats went into smoke. We had nothing but regret during the depressing time. But I certainly had to book another train to take us home to meet my mom.

Only last week did I experience similar awful event. I was quite lucky though as a friend of mine accompanied us from Bogor to Jakarta. His presence had been real use and I couldn't thank him enough for what he did.

As we rushed into our train, a luggage, a bag, and a box were left behind. It was my friend who had them under his custody. What a relief when we finally boarded the train despite leaving our stuff behind. Nothing to worry though.

My friend immediately found a shipping company where he could send our stuff along. Later in the morning, several hours after we had arrived home, a message came into my attention that I should pick up my stuff that day.

Remembering the moment, as if we were about to miss the train again, is like locating a story of friendship--and maybe carelessness. Haha... I was trembling even when we were already at the station on the way to board our train. Home sweet home now and thanks to him for the generous help.


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