Trembling Before Boarding

How wouldn't I be trembling at that very moment? My train was leaving at 2 pm sharp whereas I was five minutes away to the departure time. A shudder run through me as my family and I were transiting in Jatinegara station. It would have been a nightmare if we had missed the train again. Again? Yes, we missed our train back in 2014 ahead of Ied Fitri celebration. Four seats went into smoke. We had nothing but regret during the depressing time. But I certainly had to book another train to take us home to meet my mom.
Only last week did I experience similar awful event. I was quite lucky though as a friend of mine accompanied us from Bogor to Jakarta. His presence had been real use and I couldn't thank him enough for what he did.
As we rushed into our train, a luggage, a bag, and a box were left behind. It was my friend who had them under his custody. What a relief when we finally boarded the train despite leaving our stuff behind. Nothing to worry though.
My friend immediately foun…

Down in The Dumps

I have been down in the dumps lately due to the process of moving out to my hometown. Finding the best vehicle to transport our goods and belonging has been no easy task. Luckily, my brother has helped me out to get a truck from where he is living.
On the other side, we have concerns about the capacity of the truck in accommodating our stuff. We don't have lots of things though, but books are our treasure which cannot be left behind.
The truck driver has required us to get him a cover letter from the local district police to keep him secure during the travel. You know what, dealing with police officers and other government officials is something we Indonesians are fed up with.
Yes, I'm so worried and feeling uneasy. Unhappy thoughts run through me. Idiomatically, I'm being down in the dumps.
Down in the Dumps artinya sangat bersedih, sedang gelisah

Off the Beaten Track

Back to the years of senior high school, I was once spending a night in my best friend's home. While his village is administered to Lamongan Regency, the location was quite far from the capital city and was actually closer to Bojonegoro administration.I couldn't hide my surprise when spotting the houses as well as the street in the village. They were totally different from I normally see in my neighbourhood. The houses looked so outmoded that I almost forgot my whereabouts.
I jokingly said to him, "Man, is the village of yours still under Soekarno presidency or what?" He responded in smile. The objects in the village tended to create particular ambience of antiquity. Something very old-fashioned.
In order to get to the place, we had to take a bus and then rode a rented motorcycle as there was no other public transport available. When I had to poop, my friend led me to a large river where a bamboo bridge lay upon it. Yes, I was to sit on the bridge to complete my '…

Flying Off The Handle

People today are more cranky, I guess. They get exasperated very easily no matter how trivial the issue is. It's especially true in the era of social media. Any status published on Facebook, or its sister Instagram, is likely to trigger a conflict among netizens. One may post a very personal status, regarding his/her own experience, and will have to be ready for opposition despite the fact the status is of no one's interest. Surprisingly, readers on social media are getting angry very instantly. In terms of idiom, they fly off the handle. When hearing particular news or a status, sometimes a blog post, people tend to lose temper quite easily. All of a sudden, they lose control of themselves and immediately show they are being ticked off. Fly Off the Handle artinya Cepat marah, mudah tersulut kemarahan

As Different as Chalk and Cheese

I WAS TEMPTED to compare my condition with those of my brother and my sister. Our present condition is like cheese and chalk. It's completely different. At least from where I see it now. My older brother is married to a woman of a wealthy family just like my younger sister who marries a man of a rich family. Their parents-in-law belong to what we can call the affluent. Money is never an issue to them, really. Those two siblings of mine, to me, have an easy life, under the auspices of their wealthy parents-in-law. It's easier for them to use or acquire something I normally find difficult. In simpler words, they benefit from having rich parents-in-law. Let's say I'm just a piece of chalk in this case. I'm married to a beautiful lady of average family. It's neither poor nor rich. But that is not a big deal, certainly. While I wanna get a better life financially, I'm not complaining at all about my life. I'm happy to the level I can't tell you. The fact…

What School Did You Go to?

It's something new again in blogging. Another hot issue strikes blogosphere here in our country. It's about event bloggers--those who are keen on attending any events in hope they'll be receiving particular souvenir included in the goodie bag. Of course, free lunch is also a target. As you certainly know, there's no such thing as free lunch. Brands or event organisers invited bloggers in order that they write on the blog what they have experienced during the occasion instead of simply taking the free stuff. "Where school did they go to?" is an appropriate expression to refer to what these bloggers commit. They have been thinking incorrectly by neglecting the expectations of the inviters. This idiom is valid since what they do doesn't make any sense. The word 'school' in the idiom doesn't refer to any real school they used to attend. It is used to show as if they have never attended a class that they couldn't demonstrate integrity by doi…

Getting into Hot Water

Today I read the status of a friend on Facebook. She was making a remark about few topics one of which is a fraud in self-publishing industry. The owner of the publisher was said to have deceived several customers who have completed the payment but received no books they order. This immediately arouse my attention as I'm currently running a self-publishing house of my own. What's more agonising is that those deceived are but bloggers to which I also belong. I'm speaking on behalf of both parties. She should have been more careful in managing her issues in publishing business. Regardless of the victims, what she commits is likely to ruin our fellow publishers as well as tantalise blogosphere. This news should be words of everyone very soon. An idiomatic expression goes with her case. She's getting into hot water which means she's placing herself in great danger. She's both endangering her business and personal integrity. Above all, she is likely going to pose a …