Jumat, 13 Januari 2017

Down in The Dumps

I have been down in the dumps lately due to the process of moving out to my hometown. Finding the best vehicle to transport our goods and belonging has been no easy task. Luckily, my brother has helped me out to get a truck from where he is living.

On the other side, we have concerns about the capacity of the truck in accommodating our stuff. We don't have lots of things though, but books are our treasure which cannot be left behind.

The truck driver has required us to get him a cover letter from the local district police to keep him secure during the travel. You know what, dealing with police officers and other government officials is something we Indonesians are fed up with.

Yes, I'm so worried and feeling uneasy. Unhappy thoughts run through me. Idiomatically, I'm being down in the dumps.

Down in the Dumps artinya sangat bersedih, sedang gelisah


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