Kamis, 29 Desember 2016

As Different as Chalk and Cheese

I WAS TEMPTED to compare my condition with those of my brother and my sister. Our present condition is like cheese and chalk. It's completely different. At least from where I see it now.

My older brother is married to a woman of a wealthy family just like my younger sister who marries a man of a rich family. Their parents-in-law belong to what we can call the affluent. Money is never an issue to them, really.

Those two siblings of mine, to me, have an easy life, under the auspices of their wealthy parents-in-law. It's easier for them to use or acquire something I normally find difficult. In simpler words, they benefit from having rich parents-in-law.

Let's say I'm just a piece of chalk in this case. I'm married to a beautiful lady of average family. It's neither poor nor rich. But that is not a big deal, certainly. While I wanna get a better life financially, I'm not complaining at all about my life. I'm happy to the level I can't tell you.

The fact that both my brother and my sister have performed an umrah (lesser pilgrimage) is another blessing that confirms their being cheese. I want to go to Mecca, too. It's never a problem that our life is like cheese and chalk. I'm telling this to make the idiom more elaborate.

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