Senin, 26 Desember 2016

Getting into Hot Water

Today I read the status of a friend on Facebook. She was making a remark about few topics one of which is a fraud in self-publishing industry. The owner of the publisher was said to have deceived several customers who have completed the payment but received no books they order.

This immediately arouse my attention as I'm currently running a self-publishing house of my own. What's more agonising is that those deceived are but bloggers to which I also belong. I'm speaking on behalf of both parties.

She should have been more careful in managing her issues in publishing business. Regardless of the victims, what she commits is likely to ruin our fellow publishers as well as tantalise blogosphere.

This news should be words of everyone very soon. An idiomatic expression goes with her case. She's getting into hot water which means she's placing herself in great danger. She's both endangering her business and personal integrity. Above all, she is likely going to pose a threat to similar business in any scale.

Get into Hot Water artinya terlibat masalah, bermasalah, membahayakan diri sendiri


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