Rabu, 21 Desember 2016

Turning a New Leaf

When someone has committed a serious mistake and finally regrets after doing so, he's likely driven to return to be good. He wants to start a new life, with more careful consideration, in order to do better in his life.

As in blogging, it may not be a serious mistake for not writing regularly. But disobeying the importance and significance of having a .com blog is undeniably solid. By having a shorter domain name, a blogger will be able to have more opportunities and ample chance to develop and especially to make money from blogging.

Agencies and brands naturally see the privilege of such domain to carry out a campaign or marketing activities. Paid domain demonstrates professionalism and seriousness instead of free domain that instantly evokes unenthusiasm. With this in mind, dotcom blog is imperative.

Turning a new leaf as a blogger may be setting a new orientation while leaving old blogging fashion.

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