Selasa, 27 Desember 2016

What School Did You Go to?

It's something new again in blogging. Another hot issue strikes blogosphere here in our country. It's about event bloggers--those who are keen on attending any events in hope they'll be receiving particular souvenir included in the goodie bag. Of course, free lunch is also a target.
As you certainly know, there's no such thing as free lunch. Brands or event organisers invited bloggers in order that they write on the blog what they have experienced during the occasion instead of simply taking the free stuff.
"Where school did they go to?" is an appropriate expression to refer to what these bloggers commit. They have been thinking incorrectly by neglecting the expectations of the inviters. This idiom is valid since what they do doesn't make any sense.
The word 'school' in the idiom doesn't refer to any real school they used to attend. It is used to show as if they have never attended a class that they couldn't demonstrate integrity by doing what's required of them. The way they behave shows the absence of attitude.
What School Did One Go to? artinya Kayak gitu aja ga paham, dapat pemahaman dari mana itu?


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