Minggu, 01 Januari 2017

Flying Off The Handle

People today are more cranky, I guess. They get exasperated very easily no matter how trivial the issue is. It's especially true in the era of social media. Any status published on Facebook, or its sister Instagram, is likely to trigger a conflict among netizens.

One may post a very personal status, regarding his/her own experience, and will have to be ready for opposition despite the fact the status is of no one's interest. Surprisingly, readers on social media are getting angry very instantly. In terms of idiom, they fly off the handle.

When hearing particular news or a status, sometimes a blog post, people tend to lose temper quite easily. All of a sudden, they lose control of themselves and immediately show they are being ticked off.

Fly Off the Handle artinya Cepat marah, mudah tersulut kemarahan


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